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Importance of Vaccines on Newborn

It is important for children to be fully immunized. Diseases that can be prevented with vaccines can be very serious-even deadly-especially for infants and young children. Immunizations have helped to greatly improve the health of children in the United States. Most parents today have....    Read More.


Hepatitis A

Vaccination is recommended for all children age 12 months or older, for travelers to certain countries, and for people at high risk for infection with the virus. The hepatitis A vaccine, that can be given to persons 18 years or older. This...
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Hepatitis B

The hepatitis B vaccine is safe and effective and is usually given as 3-4 shots over a six month period. All children should get their first dose of hepatitis B vaccine at birth and complete the vaccine series by 6-18 months old. Hepatitis B vaccine is...
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